How to keep your 'wedding cool' during a heatwave!

Updated: 4 hours ago

Want to know how to keep everyone cool at a summer wedding? You're in the right place. Making small, thoughtful changes to cope with the heat will be appreciated by all, and most importantly mean that everyone will continue to enjoy the celebrations without flaking out.

Tip #1 - Ice Ice Baby!

Make sure your caterers go to town with the amount of ice they are supplying. Don't just assume this will be taken care of, trust us when we say its best to check!

On a really warm day you'll get through the ice much quicker. It disappears as soon as it sees the sun and your guests are going to want heaps of it in their drinks to cool them down and those ice baths will need to be constantly topped up.

Tip #2 - Hydration Station

We all know that weddings can be boozy affairs, but be sure to have lots of soft drinks available throughout the day to keep guests hydrated. These can be super stylish too - we love using large Kilner dispensers, adding crates or wine boxes for some height and finishing with bespoke signs. Here are a few of our favourite soft drink suggestions:

  1. Still water, cucumber ribbons, fresh mint, lemon slices, ice

  2. Traditional still lemonade, fresh lemon slices, ice

  3. Fruity punch: Cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, fresh lime juice, ginger ale, ice , fresh fruit garnish

Tip #3 - Sun Cream

Add suncream to your bathroom baskets for guests to keep topped up during the day.

Top tip: Make sure you and the bridal party use a good all day sunscreen in the morning - the last thing you need is sunburn on your big day.

Tip #4 - All Scream: Ice Cream!

If you're able to secure an ice cream van or trike it's guaranteed to be a welcome frozen treat for guests. Alternatively, you can also ask your caterers if they are able to do mini cones to follow on from the canapés - cute and cooling.

Tip #5 - Create Shade

It's hugely tempting to enjoy the sun all day, but the last thing you want is anyone to get heatstroke. Create shaded areas; if your venue have parasols make sure you use them, or bring in gazebos or parasols yourself. Ask friends and family if they have any you can borrow too, and even better if they look beautiful. We adore these from The London Parasol Company:

And finally, remember...

Be flexible, if the suits are too warm then let the guys remove a layer. Allow the children to change into casual clothing and relax. Your wedding planner will guide you on how to stay cool, care for your guests and enjoy the day. There will always be little changes to the day, but trust the experts, enjoy it, and make sure you drink plenty of water!

Lots of love,

Rach x