This is me, founder of Salt and Scent!

Hi I'm Rachel (Rach), and the person behind Salt and Scent.

During furlough (when we all had a little too much time on our hands), the idea of creating bridal gift boxes came into my head and I just couldn't shift it - a bit of a lightbulb moment I guess. Over the years I have listened to thousands of podcasts about small businesses and had the entrepreneurial bug, and had it bad! I knew I had to act on it. I started to think of a name, looked at branding, and without really thinking about it I was ordering stock.

Once you’ve invested your hard earned cash, given up space in your home and have a logo, there is no looking back!

Why Gifting?

As an avid shopper of lovely products, and a wannabe entrepreneur with years of experience in the wedding and events industry I saw a gap in the market for high end wedding gifts and hampers that were both beautiful and unique, but very importantly were useful too.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to receive and gift luxury 'stocking filler style gifts'. I still insist on a stocking at Christmas…yes, I'm that person! To me there is nothing better than receiving little luxuries that you wouldn't often treat yourself to.

After such a turbulent year amidst the pandemic I could see friends and family who were normally so strong and happy, really struggling with things mentally. It was incredibly hard to see, and with weddings on hold I started to create some wellness boxes that could be sent for them to enjoy and look after themselves. These were so well-received that they also feature alongside the wedding shop.

Salt and Scent celebrates gifting for Love and Wellness - two of the most important things in life.

Why 'Salt and Scent'?

Choosing a name was tricky. After much deliberation it was based around two things I enjoy; personally bath salts are a top treat so I knew they would feature heavily in the boxes. Not only do they smell great and help relaxation, they have heaps of health benefits too. I also have a real weakness for salted salt in any form is my bag! Scent - name me someone who doesn't adore a scented candle or beauty products... I'll wait.

It is worth it?

Getting orders from all over the country from people I've never met is the most surreal and amazing thing (I really do have a little happy dance each time it happens).

Having started out on my own I can confirm that having a small business is joyful, flipping hard work but also the most exciting thing ever!

I really hope you enjoy our gifts and will join me on my small business adventure.

Much love,

Rach x